There’s Beauty even in the MUD

by postroad on June 2, 2014

Hi Thank you, thank you, to all who’ve purchased the May print issue of Homebound Magazine! And huge thanks to all who’ve contacted me letting me know they’d like a freebie digital version! As I went through my email lists this morning, updating and cleaning up I couldn’t help but feel so so grateful for

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Going Once, Twice… Homebound Magazine!

by postroad on May 30, 2014

Happy Friday to you! Another issue of Homebound Magazine is here! Take a stroll with me to a Florida Farmhouse, let’s pick lupines, and grow and eat some chives (and much more!) You can check it all out HERE (and past issues) and the best part……. this issue is FREE DIGITALLY! Please just let me

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Homemade Lavender Ice Cream on the Farm

by postroad on May 16, 2014

I blame my stubborn streak on my Finnish blood. Persistence is a virtue, but so is knowing when to just let go… but in the case of Homemade ice cream, I was NOT about to give up on it! I mean…. I bought that kitchen-aid attachment for a reason! And for almost a year it

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Exfoliated on the Prairie

by postroad on May 13, 2014

When I envision myself working in moi garden I picture long flowing skirts, crisp white linens, a hand woven straw hat, and a bucket of freshly picked roses slung to my hips….. Ah, it does sound rather picturesque doesn’t it? In another lifetime I could have easily been Anne of Green Gables. With my Lake

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Headache Busting Party + Sale

by postroad on May 9, 2014

I’m not sure if it’s the weather, my over zealous herb garden attempts, or the busy-ness of LIFE…. but regardless I found myself in a tight spot this week. Yikes, I hate headaches. And I rarely get them….. I am so feeling for those who deal with this on a regular basis! Yet, three wild

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So Long Crusties.

by postroad on May 5, 2014

How can I put this.. ‘erm….. nicely? How do I say this in a non-grody way? Ok, I’ll just spit it out.. I’ve got CRUSTY feet! But thanks to this amazing scrub recipe I am happy to report that they are softening! I’ve been using this homemade foot scrub for the last two weeks and

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Bringing the JOY to Momhood

by postroad on May 1, 2014

So ya’ll probably know that I am a sucker for all things HOME. And yup, that includes home remedies. We’ve been beyond blessed to not have had any major medical incidents (yet). But health and happiness is sure easy to take for granted, isn’t it? Oh, I am guilty as charged. It isn’t till one

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Feeding the Roaming Bears…. Buckwheat Waffles!

by postroad on April 30, 2014

(everyone is desperate for dry ground and sunshine…. but it’s not in the cards this week, so back in the kitchen we go, satisfying our guts and creativity that way!) How my mom kept up with us, I do not know. We grew up with insurmountable appetites and somehow she always kept us in good

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Part 3….

by postroad on April 28, 2014

So I sent that email out. (If you haven’t yet, start with part 1 here) To a friend I’d met through my blog. And the term ‘friend’ at that point was used quite loosely. We’d never met in person, or even chatted on the phone. Just exchanged a few emails back ‘n forth. All I

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Part 2….

by postroad on April 26, 2014

(of why to make life an adventure) catch part 1 here This year we decided to homeschool the kids. Not with a ton of philosophical reasons but more of a “hey! That sounds fun! Let’s try it!” I am awesome at jumping in and trying things without giving it a ton of thought. (I use

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