I Couldn’t Decide What to Name this Post

by postroad on April 11, 2014

Should it be…. “Why we stayed with strangers for a month.” or maybe, “Why we need to share our dreams with others”, or actually how about, “How to act like a joyful child when you’re an adult.” Are you open to the random-ness of life? I must say, as someone who LOVES to sit down

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Home Sweet Home

by postroad on April 2, 2014

(playing with my ‘new’ shelf….. a project for an in-home class coming in April!) Home again, home again! Be it ever so snowy there is no place like home….. oh yes, there are HEEPS of snow and laundry to wade through. But the rosy colored spectacles are on (for the most part) and it feels

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Bringing it Back… From Florida!

by postroad on March 21, 2014

Friends! What a year it has been! (I know, I sort of missed the memo that the New Year came already…. well it feels new to me as we are on a long vacation right now…. more pictures of that coming soon). But truly… stepping away from products this past year and giving myself permission

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Mixing Heart Passions

by postroad on February 27, 2014

Mixing and sharing some of my favorites with you today! What are some of your favorite things? Maybe you’re like me, with too many to list? Or maybe you know you’re in need of  a new hobby? No matter either way, life stays interesting and fun when we’re always learning and trying new things. Lately

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Make it at Home – Wallpaper Paste

by postroad on February 24, 2014

Remember the wood crate project I shared with you a while ago? Did any of you get around to making one? I can’t have enough of these crates around! My mom made me this one and I’m finally getting around to finishing it, thanks to my homemade wallpaper recipe! Because of being in a major

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Dreaming ’bout Sunburns ‘n Blizzards…….

by postroad on February 22, 2014

When a van load of pastie Northerners head south midwinter…. beware. I attempted making homemade sunscreen inspired by MommyPotomus (I will share my version once I know if it actually works!) Yah, I am all about the belief of positive thinking but I am thinking it may take more than that to keep this crew

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All Together

by postroad on February 8, 2014

Hello friends! How have you been? We’ve been L.O.V.I.N.G. all this sunshine (even though it’s still FREEZING and we can’t keep up on the wood supply…. and the cost of propane right now is INSANE… anyone else dealing with that? I’m pretty sure we’ll be chopping up pallets this week just to avoid getting the

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Handmade Beauty Natural You…. It’s HERE

by postroad on January 28, 2014

Friends! It is finally here!! The Handmade Beauty Natural You E-Course……. Here is a bonus video for all to enjoy (wether you sign up or not) How to make Whipped Body Butter- First off I’ve got to say, my lil sister is amazing. She is the one who first got me roped into this ‘natural’

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Winter Cleanse

by postroad on January 23, 2014

{Embrace today} dream of tomorrow……… That seems to be my motto as of late. Cause while I am totally loven’ the snow, I can’t stop dreaming about sunny summer days! But in spite of another snowstorm (puts us over 200″ for the winter!!) the sun is shining which is a rare treat up here in

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Sweet Snowy Dreams

by postroad on January 17, 2014

Are you a sucker for Valentine’s Day? I’ve gotta admit… I kinda am. Any excuse for  a lil extra romance sounds good to me! Cause let’s face it, with a basketball team and one reserve on the way as you family….. things tend to take a back burner. But why?! Tis the reason they’re here

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