just in time for Valentines day :)

Materials: vintage lace hanky or fabric, sewing scissors, hot glue gun, old jars, ribbon or twine for embellishing (optional), lids (optional)

Cut your hanky into a strip long enough to wrap around (+1/2″) your jar and wide enough to reach from the bottom edge to the ridge where lid would rest.

Use your hot glue gun (carefully!) to glue your lace onto jar. Tuck in the ends so you don’t have a frayed edge showing on the side.

Embellish with twine, ribbon, etc. Also if you want to decorate the lid.. these would be perfect as Valentines gifts filled with chocolate.

That’s all folks! For the ultimate impact do a big group of these and a variety of sizes. If you have an old tray or plate these look so pretty bunched together.
These would be awesome as wedding centerpieces. When the candle is lit it shines through the lace so beautifully! Have fun :)

Hanging version available for purchase in my Etsy Shop.

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