Mason Jar Organizers

DIY… kitchen organizers!!

 Some people are born organized and then others are others… I have to WORK at it daily or otherwise my house looks like.. well I won’t go into TOO much detail but you get my point. Put it this way.. I love when its neat and organized but there’s a WHOLE lot of things I love doing more! So I decided to devote this Monday to getting ORGANIZED.

My kitchen has slowly been turning into a DISASTER! Cupboards overflowing, and crowded counter space. This idea came to me this morning as I was gazing at my collection of blue mason jars above my counters and the mess underneath. Why not corral some of that mess in those pretty jars and get the junk off of my counter tops!? I could think of so many other places in my house I could use these too! Office, craft room, laundry room…. so sounds like I better start hunting for more jars :)

Materials: Jars with Lids, power screw gun, metal drill bit, 3/4″ screws (must be shorter than wood you’re drill to), tape measure, and cupboard or shelf to affix to bottom.

I used pint and quart size antique jars; use whatever size and style works for you.
If you want the blue mason jars Etsy is a great place to find them.
Just make sure your lids fit snuggly.
Wash and dry.

Collect the rest of your materials. Find a good work surface. If you’re like me.. and your kitchen table is your work bench please find a scrap piece of wood so you don’t drill right through it. (hubby LOVES when this happens!)
Another tip: if you’re not handy (YET!) with the power tools and you’re trying to convince the DH or other to help you.. It helps to pull everything out.. look real clueless and ask him, “is this how it’s done?” He’ll probably JUMP to your rescue :)

Drill a hole in the center of each lid.
Measure and mark on your cupboard where you will be drilling the covers to.
*update* one of my brilliant readers figured out that if you drill TWO
holes in each lid and screw in at two seperate places the lid won’t spin!! Which is awesome because
then you don’t need two hands to unscrew the jar!
Fill those jars! Whatever you think is handy for you.. you can always change on the fly.
Remember that for some things.. oils etc.. it is best not to keep these near heat.
I didn’t worry about it too much though as it is still an improvement over my last system!
(plus flopped bread to boot)

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