DIY Tiered Cake Stand {Post Road Vintage Style}

Top o’ the day to you! How was your weekend? Mine was finger ‘licken good!!
I’ve got tea, crumpets, and power tools running through my head!
Want to learn how to make your own cake plate stand?
Out of (almost) all salvaged materials?!
Oh goodie! Cause I’ve got the instructions here for you!
If you’re not the power tool type- don’t sweat it! I have two versions here.
Also some of these are for sale in THE SHOP so meander over there if you wish.
Otherwise.. grab your cup o’ — and enjoy!
For the less advanced version of this you’ll be gluing the pieces together.
I chose to screw mine together to make it ultra durable
and ’cause I wanted to use up my sweet ‘lil knob stash.
You will need:
One large dinner plate
One small plate or saucer
a wooden dowel approx. 4-6 inches long, 1″ diameter
(I salvaged wood from this project here)
*a knob with hole in the center
*one #6 x 1 1/2″ screw or big enough to fit your knob
*one #6 x 3/4″ screw
*one #6 rubber washer
*one 3/16 inch diamond drill bit
(I bought this one here)
*power drill
if you want the easier version omit (*) and find
yourself some good glue instead.
I recommend this. or this.
First you need to cut your dowel to how high you want your stand to be.
If you don’t have a saw you may be able to have your hardware store or lumber yard cut it for you.
Make sure your cuts are flat and level. This is crucial to making sure you stand
doesn’t turn out looking like the leaning tower of Pisa.
I used a few good coats of polycrylic on my dowels.
I didn’t want any of that old paint falling in my frosting– YUCK!
Let dry.
If you’re gluing simply glue one side of the dowel to the center of the large plate.
Let set according to your glue’s drying time.
Then glue the other side to the bottom of the smaller plate.
The knob really isn’t neccesary if you’re gluing but you could feel free to add it (with glue)
for a decorative touch!
For you crazy folks like me who dig power tools and a little more of an *ahem* challenge–
Watch this video here to see how I drilled throught the center of my plates.
She uses a dremel but the principle is that same.
(in a shallow pan of water. I put a small scrap of wood under my plate- NOT styrofoam)
I now have a drill press for making these and these.
 But I started with my power drill and after a little practice-
so easy!
Next pre-drill each end of your wooden dowel.
Use your #6 x 3/4 and screw from the bottom of the bigger plate,
through the rubber washer, through the hole, into the dowel.
You’ll do the same on the top except instead of the rubber washer you’ll put
the knob.
Phew.. does that make a lick of sense?
I hope so! If you have any questions I’ll meet you in the comments!
OK! Fire away! Have Fun!
And most of all- ENJOY the finished product!!
Wouldn’t these be perfect for  a wedding or a garden party??
Too bad I didn’t have them made for my little party here!
Oh well, next time ;)
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see your finished project!
If you’re so inclined hop on over to my Facebook Page to post a picture!
‘Till next time!
🙂 Heather
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