Don’t be Barking up the Wrong Tree…

Why hello you vintage loving, home decorating fiend friend. How are you? I’m back with this sweet lil’ birch bark vase tutorial.

Actually this is too easy to call a tutorial.. no power tools or dangerous equipment involved. (oh darn! right?!)

You will need~

-tennis shoes

-some woods to walk in

-garden shears


-old jars

  1.  Tromp through the woods until you find an old dead birch tree. If it is rotted with the bark still intact that is perfect! The bark will just peel off or you can cut it. If it’s an ant’s nest that is even better. The insides will literally fall out of the bark (ok, something like that anyways) and you will have the ‘skin’ of your vase.
  2.  Trim it with your shears to the approximate height of your jars.
  3.  Make sure it will fit all the way around the jar.
  4.  Hold it in place.
  5.  Wrap twine tightly around the whole thing.
  6.  Fill with flowers, pencils, ants(kidding!).. whatever. Just enjoy your new little handmade birch bark vase beauty!

If you want a more professional looking vase without risking life nor limb than I recommend this beauty from NH Woods Creations. Isn’t it beautiful? And they will even engrave initials into it for you!

So wether you buy or make one.. you should have your own little birch bark vase in no time :)

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