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by postroad on February 16, 2013

It’s a sponsor spotlight!! I can’t believe I’ve got the honor of connecting you, my reader with these amazing people and businesses! I don’t take it lightly that they’ve trusted me to help spread their message out into the world!

(Please let me know if you’re interested in learning more about my sponsorship program!  There is currently space here on the blog and some very limited opportunities available in the Spring issue of the Homebound Magazine! )

Without farther ado, here’s what they’ve been up to……..

Sylvi Hammerstrom is a Washington gal (originally from Sweden!) She stocks the Jeanne D Arc Living Magazines, books, and products in her online shop! Now if you’ve been following me for a while you know I am a fan. Ok, in a VERY BIG WAY of the JDL Magazine. It is a must read (in my opinion) for inspiration in decorating in the style that I adore so much. Quite honestly, I have found myself needing to find more and more time unplugged…. off of the internet and away from blog world, but still wanting and NEEDING to feel creative and inspired! I know as a ‘blogger’ it may be a bit odd to recommend this….. but I’ve been working to find that delicate balance myself. If you’ve felt the chains of social media, technology, and the online world around you, then by all means…… break free!!

Jeanne D Arc Living Little Cottage Shoppe

Go grab your copy of JDL and turn down the noise and the volume and get inspired the ‘old fashioned’ way! (and check out that amazing bundle deal!)


Speaking of ‘off-line’ I have another lovely lady and business to share who is doing a tremendous job of getting women together to have a great time and get creative! (While pinterest may be awesome, it can’t hold a candle to real-life chatting, creating, and connecting and person) Linda Barutha of Live, Laugh, Love Retreats is preparing to host a creative’s retreat on April 17-19! This one will take place at Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. There are some amazing women teaching a variety of art courses. It sounds like so much fun…. how can you go wrong learning something new while hanging out with creative women at a beautiful resort in Lake Geneva?

Check out the Creative’s Retreat HERE.


I’ve never really considered myself an artist. But really why not, right? When I stop to think about it anyone who is living life from their soul, doing what they love, honoring their gifts, and ‘painting’ (as in willing express their true self and to make mistakes) on the canvas of life should be considered on artist!!

So yes, I am pleased as punch to introduce you to one such as that!

Christie Sciober is a self-taught watercolor artist from beautiful upstate NY.  She loves everything that has a romantic misty feel to it and tries to convey that through her paintings.  Y’know I am all about the romance so I fell in love with her work at once! She also has a soft spot for animals………. the hubby should really be scared when I check out her shop because it tempts me to add more fur and feathers to our flock! :)

Check out Christie Scibior’s watercolor paintings and prints here.


ok, that is all. I hope these women have inspired you as they have me. I am so thankful to  each of them for sharing their talents and businesses with us! Thank you dear friends, readers, and sponsors. It is time to get inspired and grow together!



Here is a pic I  shared on Facebook the other day…. dreaming and planning my garden. A good way to spend a week with sick kiddos!





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