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by postroad on March 18, 2013

Good Morning Folks! Ah, I do remember a not-so-distant time when I regularly woke up at 5 bells or so to write a Monday morning blog post. There is something SO nice about the peace and quiet. It is a real treat to get to sit still and be able to think a bit. With some good coffee, kiddos still tucked in, and I can’t even hear the washing machine run! Some of the best joys in life are the simplest, don’t you think?

Yesterday the hubby and I strolled through the woods in search of some Sugar Maple trees. Yes, we are determined to make some Maple Syrup this year! Ok, I should say I am determined. But in his regular cheerfulness is looking forward to joining in the fun! I am so excited to have something fun to do as a family that gets us outside. This time of year in the UP of Michigan can be LOOOOONG (did I emphasize that long part?) so even though I’m sure I could do without yet another new hobby, really why not? I love learning, changing, growing, and EATING! :) I am dreaming of homemade buttermilk pancakes stacked high with maple syrup! Who knows, maybe it’ll be the first thing I eat after this Whole30!

This Whole30 has got me back in the kitchen again, that is for sure! It  inspired me to do a big section in the Spring Homebound Magazine on one of my all time favorite vegetables, asparagus! I seriously can’t wait to be harvesting this out of the garden. I will be using these recipes like they’re going out of style! (I’ll also be sharing how to grow it too).  I am having a blast finishing the magazine! I know you will find it a treat, though I do still feel a bit confused when I look up from my work and wonder how the snow banks can still be reaching the windows?!

Thank you SO much to all of you new subscribers! Wow, I don’t take that lightly. And to all of you of who regularly read my magazine and blog posts, and maybe even leave a comment. (Even if you never comment know that I appreciate you too!) I wouldn’t be sitting on my couch, bright and early.. smiling as I write this, without you.

I hear some pitter-patters on the steps so I best be going! Have an awesome Monday….. nope, not an oxymoron folks! :)

(a shot of my bathroom that didn’t make the cut)

Please check back regularly, I will be sharing sneak peaks all of this week, and maybe even a few surprises too!


p.s. Don’t forget that this week is the last to purchase a yearly subscription which includes a copy of the Spring edition! (I am already looking forward to bundling them all up with a special lil PRV gift included!)


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Amy Thayer March 18, 2013 at 11:01 am

How on Earth have I missed the fact that you now have a magazine!! Your shots are always so wonderful, I imagine your magazine to be amazing! Congrats!


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