Post Road Garden Tour

by postroad on May 29, 2012

Good day to you! I hope you had a merry Holiday weekend! Today I’m taking you on a ‘lil garden tour… won’t you come along? Hopefully next time we tour zee Post Road Victory Garden it’ll be a LOT greener then this. But I thought it’d be fun to share it with you now… in

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What is White and Smells Like the Diggens?

by postroad on May 25, 2012

When I was a little girl we had a lilac hedge. It was our fort when we played “bad guys, good guys.” My poor little sister was always the bad guy cause she could never catch us with her little legs. (Which made it super fun for everyone else!) Now that I’m a ‘big kid’

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Let the PAINTING Roll….

by postroad on May 22, 2012

Good day to you! How are things?? It’s been crazy between getting ready for the Farm Chicks Show, camping with the fam, working on my summer line, and squeezing every lil’ drop outta life that I can manage! What have you been up to? Today I’m sharing my FAVORITE painting technique (ok, well one of

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Farm Chicks or BUST!!

by postroad on May 18, 2012

Wahoo!! I’m going to The Farm Chicks Show!! Are you?? Ok, I actually barely dare say that…. when we are zooming on the plane on our way with lovely PRV goodies in transit and kids healthy and home with Grandma, and baby behaving in belly, and, and, and….. sheesh that is a mighty fine and

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What the heck is Vlogging??

by postroad on May 15, 2012

Hi! How are you!! I’ve been spending some time ‘off grid’ (NO internet!) partly to regroup and ok, yeah… mostly NOT by choice. It was down all day today. But confession time: It felt good!! No emailing, facebooking, or blogging. Just me ‘n my kindergartner working in the garden in between spurts of burning chicken-pot-pie.

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To Mom's Around the World…

by postroad on May 11, 2012

Happy Mother’s Day weekend to all new and old mom’s alike. Mom’s of many children, mom’s of few. Moms whose babies are little or are grown. And of course special thoughts to all the mom’s whose babies are no longer with them. I LOVE my mom so much. I am thankful to be a mom

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Can Pictures Talk?

by postroad on May 9, 2012

Hi peeps! Thanks SO much for your support, love, and sharing of the new calendar! Holy moly! Love you guys!! It also spurred a bunch of photography questions so ‘just for fun’ I though we’d dive into that a ‘lil. *disclaimer* I am NO photography expert. Seriously, I still don’t know what half of that

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All the Times I've Stepped in it….

by postroad on May 7, 2012

Hi friends!! How was your weekend? I had a GRAND time making something new for you! I put together a Birthday Calendar from some of my favorite pictures and it is for sale in my shop HERE. Now what the diggs is a Birthday Calendar you may be asking? Have you ever forgotten a special

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A Sunday Brocantes Visit

by postroad on May 4, 2012

Good day to you my PRV friends! How are things? Today I want to kick off the weekend by sharing a lovely conversation I had with a Sunday Brocantes gal, Cat. (all images via Sunday Brocantes) Hi Cat! Thanks so much for stopping by to visit us a PRV! I am smitten with your work

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Pie in the Sky

by postroad on May 2, 2012

Hey friends! Are you ready for a meander through my kitchen for some Strawberry Rhubarb pie? This recipe is part Better Homes and Gardens, part NO-FAIL pie crust, and part my concoction. Oh yeah, I am really good at coming up with concoctions.  I think I got that from my mom. She is the queen

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