Chip it up!

by postroad on April 30, 2012

Top of the day to you! How are things? Sorry I’m not quite ready to share the rhubarb pie recipe.. we ate it up before I got a chance to snap a few photos so time to roll up the sleeves and make another…. oh DARN! I hate when that happens! (picture frames available in

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I'd walk a Country Mile for you…

by postroad on April 26, 2012

Hi! How are ya’ll? After the flurry of pulling off a big project (my Spring Line) it always feels good to have a week of relaxen’ and just liven’ with the family and the kids. It feels good to be out breathing that warm spring air. Fresh garden manure from the farm down the road

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April Showers…

by postroad on April 24, 2012

Top of the day to you! Thanks SO much for all the love and support with the new Spring Line! I am in awe of you! I mean that! And don’t doubt me for a moment when I tell you that wether you choose to purchase or not I am equally grateful for you bringing

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Whispers of Spring… SHE'S HERE!

by postroad on April 23, 2012

Hello friends! Thanks so much for joining in this journey with me! I hope you enjoy this ‘lil book I’ve put together of my new Spring Line. So much inspiration within her pages… whether you are a shopper or not, I am TRULY honored that you have taken the time to stop by and visit!

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Goodbye Winter…

by postroad on April 20, 2012

Hi ya’ll! How are you? I hope you’re getting ready to kick off a fun weekend! Do you hang with me on Facebook? If so, you know that I haven’t been able to resist sharing a few sneak peaks of my new Spring Line with ya. Let me tell you this. She will be small,

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Top of the day to you! I am counting down till Monday and the official release of my Spring Line!! Today while I was designing the new catalog I got INSPIRED! (gotta love when those doses of inspiration hit.. must set everything aside and ACT NOW.. anyone else out there seem to have this problem??) Anyway..

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you. are. awesome.

by postroad on April 17, 2012

First off I must say… YOU ARE BLOWING MY SOCKS OFF! With your awesome ideas for names for my Spring line! Holy moly, 270 entries and counting… How in the diggens am I going to choose?? You’ve touched me with your creativity, kindness, and support. Because of you I know, I CAN DO THIS! (new

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Want to name my Baby??

by postroad on April 14, 2012

Hi friends! How are you?? Are you down with a teaser post of Spring goodness? Yup, I finally shot my Spring Line yesterday! And this is SO DARN JUICY! I am going to giveaway $300 worth of PRV so you will want to read all the way through to find out how you can be

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Buckets of Burlap Visits Post Road

by postroad on April 13, 2012

Happy Friday!! Where, oh where did another week go?? I’ve been painting away on some new pieces that are oh-so-close to sharing.. In the meantime I am going to share with you someone who is such an inspiration to moi! You may already know Becky from her awesome blog, Buckets of Burlap. Or from the

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Feeling Vulnerable + New Life

by postroad on April 11, 2012

Hi! How are you guys? I hope you don’t mind me sharing a bit of heart today! Today I am feeling vulnerable… Why is it so darn scary to admit that? Is it cause we want to do it all, all the time… thinking we are way tougher than we are? I think sometimes it

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